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Copenhagen Airport Transfers & Taxis

At Copenhagen Airport there are taxi drop-off points at both terminals and the main taxi rank is at Terminal 3, close to the exit from the arrivals hall and there are clear signs. There is also a special separate taxi rank for taxis to Sweden, although the Danish taxis will take passengers across the border.

The official taxis have roof signs and the company logo and phone number on the side. You should not be coerced to get into any vehicle which is not an official taxi.

All taxis must be fitted with a meter and most vehicles now accept payment by credit or debit card and have the facility to issue receipts. There are also apps which make booking and paying for taxis easier. For any journey, you should request a receipt which will have the details of the journey, the driver and vehicle licence numbers and the fare. Should you leave something in the taxi or have a complaint, it will prove useful.

The taxi companies have specially adapted vehicles with ramps and/or hoists for disabled passengers. The drivers are specifically trained in assisting the elderly and disabled.

If you require a taxi for more than four passengers or with disabled access, you would need to book in advance.

Taxi Tariffs

  • Tariff 1 – The rate for a 4 passenger taxi at all times, except Friday and Saturday nights.
    • Start fare for street hire: 24.00 Krone (DKK)
    • Start fare when booked: 38.00 DKK
    • Price per km: 15.55 DKK
    • Waiting time: 7.14 DKK per minute
  • Tariff 2 – This applies Friday 23:00 to Saturday 07:00 and Saturday 23:00 to Sunday 07:00 and Danish holidays for a 4 passenger taxi.
    • Start fare for street hire: 41.00 DKK
    • Start fare when booked: 57.00 DKK
    • Price per km: 19.53 DKK
    • Waiting time: 7.14 DKK per minute
  • Tariff 3 – This is for large taxi or minibus.
    • Start fare for street hire: 24.00 DKK
    • Start fare when booked: 57.00 DKK
    • Price per km: 19.68 DKK
    • Waiting time: 7.14 DKK
  • Tariff 4 – This is for large vehicles and applies Friday 23:00 to Saturday 07:00 and Saturday 23:00 to Sunday 07:00 and holidays.
    • Start fare for street hire: 41.00 DKK
    • Start fare when booked: 76.00 DKK
    • Price per km: 23.91 DKK
    • Waiting time: 7.14 DKK

There is an additional charge of 20.00 DKK for assistance with bicycles or luggage.


There are two main taxi operators, Taxa 4x35 and Taxi 4x27.

  • Taxa 4x35
  • Taxi 4x27
    • Website:
    • Telephone: (+45) 27 27 27 27

Private and Shared Transfers

For a more personalised service to get you from the airport to your home or holiday accommodation, you can book a private transfer. There are a number of companies which provide this service in Copenhagen.

A private transfer is booked and paid for online in advance. The driver will meet you in the arrivals hall with your name on a sign. He will then take you to the vehicle. If your party is four people or fewer it will be a standard saloon car or for larger numbers, a minibus will be provided. If you would like a little more luxury you could request an executive car for an additional cost.

You will be driven from the airport directly to your address and, if you have booked a return journey, picked up at your door and taken back to the airport.

For popular destinations, as a cheaper alternative, you can book a shared transfer with which, as the name implies, you would be sharing the vehicle with other passengers.

On booking, you will be given a meeting point from which the driver will direct you to the vehicle which will usually be a minibus or coach. You might have to wait for other passengers to arrive and there can be a number of drop-off points on-route. Shared transfers will generally not go to specific addresses, but to a nearby drop-off point.