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Copenhagen Airport Trains

Getting to Copenhagen by train can be a smooth and great journey. The use of train can be exceptional if you would understand how it works. Copenhagen main railway station which is 1h 40 min away has direct connections within Denmark, as well as to Hamburg and Berlin. And for those who would want to make use of the up to date tome table, there are so many trains that move on intervals that one can makes use of.The tickets can be bought in advance online or at Copenhagen airport.

Trains would always leave from CPH to Copenhagen Central Station every 20 minutes ( this is 04, 24, 44 or 4 minutes past the hour, 24 minutes past the hour and 44 minutes past the hour). And thetrain journey would take up to 30 minutes. When a passenger exit the customs area, and continue straight ahead, that is where the ticket counter is. There is a one way ticket to travel 3 zones which would costs DKK34.50. and after getting the ticket, the passenger would go to the rolling stairs down to the train platform which are on either side of the ticket counter. And the Copenhagen airport can be the perfect spot to book online. The cost and the routes that the trains makes use of can be seen online. However, for those who are coming to the city the first time, they can enquire from the information desk.

Copenhagen airport can be reached by train if you are going to make use of it. There are different routes that these trains can make before coming around the airport. and for those who would still going to make use of the cars and buses, there are lots of these rental car hire services around that would help one in traveling.