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Wi-Fi at the Airport

There is often plenty of time to kill at airports, whether you are waiting to check in, waiting for your flight or having to hang around for a passenger on a delayed flight.

Fortunately, at Copenhagen Airport there is free and unlimited Wi-Fi in all areas so that you can use your laptop or other mobile devices to finish some last-minute business or use social media to contact family and friends.

Free Wi-Fi has been offered at the airport since 2011, but previously you had to register for the CPH Advantage program. You can still sign up for the points-based membership with which you collect points at participating airport shops and you can get discounts for parking and car rental among others. However, since 2015 it is no longer a requirement for the Wi-Fi service.

It was decided to make internet access an easier process for passengers as now, with the vast majority carrying smartphones, tablets or laptops while travelling, it is a high priority, especially for business people.

With the growth in passenger numbers, over 29 million passengers passed through the airport last year, with more than 104,000 on the busiest day. It is claimed that the network can handle 100,000 people logged in at any one time.

Although the available download speed won't allow you to stream HD movies, it is ample for standard browsing, email and social media. The service is supported by appropriate advertising.

Getting Connected

  • On your mobile device, ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled
  • From the options select "CPH Hotspot"
  • Start your browser and open
  • Enter your email address and the country you are from
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • You will receive confirmation that you are logged in
  • Begin browsing

If you need a power boost when using your phone, tablet or laptop, there are many charging points around the airport.

VIP Lounges

For those wanting to conduct business with faster internet speeds, you can check into one of the VIP lounges, depending on the type of ticket you have or on payment of a fee, which provide high-speed Wi-Fi and workstations with computers. Terms and conditions apply to use of the lounges.

CPH Airport App

Copenhagen Airport also has its own CPH Airport app which is available in English and can be downloaded free of charge on Apple and Android devices.

With the app, you can find information about flight arrivals and departures, book and pay for parking, view maps of the terminals and car parks with walking distances, and get the distance and directions to your boarding gate, etc.